A day out photographing can be a very rewarding experience, but it can so easily be ruined by not paying attention to the simplest of details, so, these may all seem obvious tips, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so . . .

1: don’t forget to charge any batteries AND remember to put them back in the camera,

2: check any SD-cards,

3: wear sensible shoes,

4: if it shows signs of being a warm day, take, something to drink maybe, or

5: if it’s cold, wear layers.


It’s usually better to plan a day out with the camera, rather than just leaving it all up to chance, and where better to start than with Google Maps:

For anybody interested in “golden hour” photography, sunrise and sunset times can be found here:

The weather forecast in English is here:

And in German here:


To all those allergic to even the lightest of rain showers, a cheap “Pack-a-Mac” can be bought here, and is easily packed in for those emergency situations:

And it’s not always possible to get something to drink when you need it, and even if you can, where do you put it? and I’ve come across the following:

It’s a soft-bottle, it folds down to nothing when empty and is very flexible in the shape it takes when full and packed.

© Andrew James Kirkwood – 2016

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