Mirror image.

Symmetry is the compositional tool most closely related to balance, but than rather just balancing different objects against each other, symmetry refers more to a line that splits an object in half, creating mirror image of each other, think in terms of the Rohrschach test (ink-blot test).

Symmetry has long been thought to be associated with beauty and is a powerful tool that automatically creates balance, proportion pattern and harmony, so why not use it?

There are 2 main types, a vertical line of symmetry and a horizontal line of symmetry,  everywhere you look there are opportunities, you just have to become aware of them.

Some examples illustrating the technique

Tips for when on location

  • At first choose simple subjects with simple lines and colours
  • As you become more adventurous remember that the symmetry doesn’t have to be an exact mirror image.
  • Try to combine a symmetrical background with a human subject to both emphasise and break it.

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