Software and where to get it.

Capturing images with a camera, although very satisfying in itself, is often only a single step in the process of creating a vision for your photography, the images still have to be tidied up, cropped and in many cases developed, but whereas in the analog era this all took place in the darkroom with bottles of rather dangerous looking chemicals, this process is now thankfully digital and a lot safer for it.

But what software do you need, and where is the best place to buy it?


Here are links to the cheapest versions of Adobe products available on, they are usually installable with a standard choice of 4 main languages including English and German.

Lightroom is the software of choice for many, as it combines catalog management, indispensable when dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of images, but it also has a develop module with which images can be “developed”, as in a digital darkroom, either individually with the use of sliders, or by obtaining a certain predefined look with the use of presets, of which there are thousands available on the internet for download, free and legal.

Photoshop is a far more complicated beast, with which it’s possible to manipulate an image at pixel level, there’s a steep learning curve until you can use it adequately, but for certain types of image creation/manipulation it’s indispensable.

Although there’s the full version available, Photoshop Elements is quite adequate for most photographers’ needs.

Lightroom presets

There are thousands of free presets out there, just do a google search or start with the links below.

Google search: Lightroom presets free

Download 35 free presets

Download Eric Kim Presets

Nik collection

This is a  set of free professional level  tools from Google with similar adjustment features to Lightroom without the catalog feature:

Google Nik Collection


A free alternative to Photoshop:

Gimp download


Pixlr is an online image editor, with some very powerful features:

Microsoft Photos

The default image program on Windows 10 with basic cataloging and editing capabilities, make sure you have the latest version:

Download English version

Download German version

Apple Photos

All Apple devices come with the Photos app, which offers basic catalog management, editing and sync features over iCloud.

Mac OS Photos


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