Pattern recognition is one of the most important survival skills we possess, it’s a cognitive process of the brain and is so strong that we can see patterns where none actually even exist, faces in clouds, figures in shadows etc.

Patterns are repeated shapes, colours or objects in either a regular form, as in many collections of man-made objects, or irregular as found in the natural world, the petals of a flower, the ripples on a sandy beach.

Patterns are everywhere but not all are created equal, it’s purely subjective whether a particular pattern is good or bad, but appreciating pattern does enhance the photographer’s eye, and offers the photographer great opportunities for capturing dramatic images.

Some examples illustrating the technique

Tips for when on location

  • Patterns are everywhere, just be open to recognising them.
  • Filling the frame with the pattern lends itself to a strong, dramatic image.
  • Think about the angle at which you capture the pattern.
  • The natural world offers almost limitless patterns on both large and small scales, but often the detail offers the best opportunities.

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