Greater depth

Photographs are 2D by nature, and so by using strong elements in the foreground, it’s possible to lend an image more of a 3D feel, of adding the illusion of depth to the image.

Although it’s easy to forget about the foreground when concentrating on the subject, particularly when the subject is quite a distance away, to purposely add elements to the foreground brings a sense of drama to the final shot.

There are various styles and techniques to achieving this, and we’ll be practicing some of them on a visit to the Fischerinsel.

Some examples illustrating the technique

Tips for when on location

  • Including a foreground object will add depth and drama to the overall composition.
  • The foreground object should be in context to the main subject.
  • The foreground object should be kept as sharp as possible, because it is the texture, colour and detail that create the visual interest.

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