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31/03/2018 – Photo Theme: Street Art


Show any type of street art.

For some inspiration and ideas check out the various hints and tips on composition and technique.on this website.

Free online photo contest

The theme of this Meetup event is based on the free online photo contest run by, so head on over there and register yourself, it’s free to enter.

Already submitted images can be viewed here:

Submission deadline at ViewBug: 27/04/2018

Obviously the standard of work will almost certainly be a lot higher than we are used to at the moment, so it will be a steep learning curve at the beginning, but one which should be very rewarding as the level of our own work rapidly rises to meet the required standard.

This event


14:00 – Group discussion regarding location, techniques, aims etc.

14:30 – Photo-shooting – 1

15:15 . Group meeting – Ideas exchange

15:30 – Photo-shooting – 2

16:00 – Coffee, group discussion regarding location/event, post-processing, work in progress, entries etc.

Bring as necessary:

Camera, tripod, ND-Filters, shutter release cable


Everyone will be entering these contests for themselves, therefore it is important to register at – this is not a group entry – the Meetup event is purely a platform for image acquisition and discussion regarding work in progress, technique, composition, critique, help, advice  etc., prior to entry. Bring anything to be shown on a smart phone tablet or as a print.

Think of these as multi-stage events:

Stage 1: This Meetup event – Asset requisition with the camera on location

Stage 2: Home – Asset post-processing on computer with software

Stage 3: Next Meetup event – Work in progress can be presented  – smart-phone, tablet, prints etc – for critique/discussion

Stage 4: Online – Finished image entry

About these events:

Read this


Event host: Andrew James Kirkwood

RSPVing to this event requires advance payment of: €2,50

– If you have problems with PayPal just message me –

Reserve a place

Either use the form below or go to the Meetup website to book a place.

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Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Date and Time

March 31, 2018 - 2:00 pm

Please be punctual, because lateness is theft, it's stealing time from others.


Meeting Point

Urban Spree, RAW Gelände, Warschauer Str. 54, 10243 Berlin


Meet by the entrance to the Urban Spree on the RAW Geländer itself.


Member event photo upload here . . .

1: Register and/or log-in as required

Member event photo gallery . . .

Please feel free to rate the photos on display and leave comments as you wish.

And if you think that you have a series of photos that merit being presented in the form of a photo-essay, please go to and upload them there instead.

Any problems etc. please send a message to: