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04/08/2018 – Eastside Gallery / Oberbaumbrücke – Urban Art / Street


1: The East Side Gallery

The open air gallery is an international memorial to peace consisting of over 100 paintings along its 1.3 km length.

Painted in 1990 on the east side of the Berlin wall it is possibly the longest and longest-lasting gallery of its type in the world.

The paintings have recently been restored to their former glory, but due to continued damage by erosion, graffiti and vandalism, mainly inflicted by the many tourists, an ugly wire fence has been partially erected to protect the works for future generations.

2: Oberbaumbrücke 

The double-decker red-brick bridge is probably Berlin’s most picturesque and links Friedrichshain to the north of the river Spree and Kreuzberg to the South, the U-Bahn runs along the top whereas the pedestrian walkway underneath has a sometimes almost market atmosphere, with buskers and street traders plying their wares.

3: Schlesisches Tor

An overground U-Bahn station, ornately built in 1902 it was the end station on the U1 during the cold war.

Photo opportunities:

This is a good opportunity to capture some iconic Berlin Wall murals and urban art along the Eastside gallery, and then to indulge in a little street photography on the Oberbaumbrücke, with its atmosphere of counter-culture.

Public transport:

This is a bring a camera and shoot event, suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced photographer, in fact anyone who wishes to improve their photography skills through practice, the main emphasis is on developing creative compositional skills rather than technical expertise.

If possible please bring 2 prints of previous work to the event, so that we all have something to pass around, discuss and critique during the refreshment break.
This service is available in all branches of Rossmann and prints can easily be made there and then in approximately 5 minutes – 13cm x 18cm Premium Fotoabzüge mit weißem Rand = €0,23 per print.
A tablet or smart phone is unfortunately not a suitable alternative.

If you have problems with PayPal, or don’t have a PalPal account because you still live in the 19th century, please bring it in cash.

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Date and Time

August 4, 2018 - 2:00 pm

Please be punctual.


Meeting Point

East Side Gallery, Mühlenstraße 3-100, 10243 Berlin


Meeting point: On the corner of Mühlenstraße / Straße der Pariser Kommune on the Spree side.

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