Some dressed in leather, others in feathers, flesh and outrageous costumes wherever you look, it’s a celebration of (gay) life, and the people taking part in this parade are just begging to have their picture taken, photography doesn’t get easier than this.

And all to the sound of a thousand beats.

The first “Christopher Street Day” in Berlin took place in 1979 – “Gay Pride” was the motto under which 450 demonstrators in West Berlin took to the streets in a very relaxed atmosphere.

This year there are expected to be together over a million participants and spectators.

Held in memory of the first big uprising of homosexuals against police assaults in Greenwich Village (New York, USA) on June 27, 1969, it’s a fantastic mix of loud music, colourful floats and outrageous dress – a real spectacular.

Some examples illustrating the technique

Tips for when on location

  • Just enjoy yourself

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