Machines for living in.

Architecture defines our environment, it’s to us what a collection of simple cave dwellings was to Neolithic man.

But we’ve gone a long way since then, transforming our living space with more than just a series of purely functional objects, design plays an extremely important role.

Architectural photography can therefore be both rewarding and challenging, not least because of the many different factors in play, some controllable, others not.

But it’s not the case that architecture equals just buildings, almost everything constructed falls within the theme: buildings, bridges, monuments, street furniture etc.

It’s not even just about the the exteriors, there are the interiors to consider too.

On this event we’ll see what we can capture at one of Berlin’s most iconic locations, one famed for it’s modern architecture: Potsdamer Platz.

Some examples illustrating the technique

Tips for when on location

  • A wide angle lens, or even a fisheye lens, is the best option for capturing dramatic shots, the wide angle provides the space to easily fit the whole of a building within the frame.
  • Take your time, walk around and find the best position, one that will give you the best, most unique shot.
  • It’s not all about  the whole building in its entirety though, pick out interesting details, look for the interplay of colour, shape and line within all the different features.

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