Technique: Street photography – No faces

No faces. Due to the strict privacy laws here in Germany street photography can be a very challenging pastime, and ...
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Info: Software and where to get it

Software and where to get it. Capturing images with a camera, although very satisfying in itself, is often only a ...
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Practice: The botanischer Garten, Berlin

Practice Most beginners bitten by the bug of street-photography dream of quickly becoming the next Henri Cartier-Bresson, or Eric Kim, ...
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Technique: Visual Storytelling – The Triptych

A wholesome threesome. Quite often when we go out photographing we are looking for interesting motifs to photograph, and if ...
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Info: Digital photographic equipment

[raw] Digital photographic equipment in the Berlin area. [/raw][raw] Key: Saturn - MediaMarkt - Specialist dealer Analog equipment Regular digital ...
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Technique: Light trails

The static camera and the moving light. Photographing light trails can be one of the easiest and most fun methods ...
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Technique: Bokeh

Bokeh, the quality of blur. Bokeh is often mistakenly taken to mean the blur or the amount of blur in ...
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Technique: Xmas

All kinds of light. Xmas and the festive season with its mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and peace on earth and ...
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Although this website provides information relative to its location, Berlin, Germany, the tips and advice, particularly that concerning the development of photographic and camera skills, is not location specific and actually applies to all types of photography, not just street photography.