Why is photography so important?

Because 90% of the information our brains process is visual, 93% of our communication is non-verbal, and visual images also go straight into the long-term memory.

Visual communication is very good at stimulating memories and triggering emotions and these have a very powerful influence on our decision-making.

A good photograph can therefore lend a written text an element of emotional involvement that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve with words alone.

But a photograph is only as good as it has been taken and is then presented.

And this is what this website is all about, inspiring the photographer to go out with the camera with the aim of developing a basic tool-kit of photographic skills, which can then be used to recognise the potential in any situation.

And where better to practice this than on the very streets of a town or city itself? Because street photography presents a unique set of opportunities for the photographer: chance encounters and random incidents.

Being based in Berlin some of the material here is particular to the area, especially the Google maps giving the coordinates and some explanation for the best photo locations in the area, and of course the Berlin Photography Meetup group is based here too, but apart from that, all the information provided here is just as valid in Kolkata, India as it is here in Northern Europe.

A Google map listing some of the best photo locations in the Berlin area:

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