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What’s it all about?

It’s all about meeting people with a shared interest in photography.

Great photography doesn’t always have to be about finding comatose neo-punks strung out on krokodil and fashionably propped up against the graffiti festooned remains of a town or city’s architectural past, that’s the easy shot, but there’s always so much more on offer if you are just prepared to put a little effort into capturing it.

Photography is just like music in many ways, if you want to master an instrument, there’s no easy way around it, you have to practice playing the thing, and it’s the same with a camera, you have to practice certain skills, both technical and compositional if you wish to progress beyond just taking holiday snaps.
But whereas a musical instrument requires the practice of mainly finger dexterity, visual composition requires a proficiency of mainly mental skills, especially because knowledge of all the different rules alone doesn’t guarantee any success, as the understanding of them is actually just the first step in a long process of mastering them, in fact, just as with the musical instrument, they cannot be practiced enough.

Therefore runs a series of events called Photography Skills Practice, an environment for young aspiring photographers, where they can learn and improve their technical and compositional photographic skills in a practical manner.

These aren’t photography lessons, they are just the opportunity to practice these rules with the aim of providing everyone with a basic tool-kit of photographic skills, which can then be used to recognise the potential in any situation, they are therefore perfect for anyone new to photography.

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