01/09/2018 – Potsdamer Platz – The sun: reflections and shadows

Berlin is full of exciting modern architecture and nowhere is it better displayed than at Potsdamer Platz, an important public square, featuring pieces of the wall and plenty of city life, the area in general is a bold statement in urban renewal, unifying an American Plaza feel with tree lined European sensibilities to produce a lively modern atmosphere.
The Sony center, a futuristic complex of buildings in the heart of Berlin, well worth the visit for anyone interested in architectural or abstract photography.

There’s also the Panoramapunkt, the roof of the Kallhof-Tower, offering a splendid panoramic view over Berlin via one of Europe’s fastest lifts.

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Reflections are sometimes difficult subjects to master, because depending on the situation, they can both make or break a photo.

A good reflection of a lake can turn a mountain landscape into something ethereal, just magic, whereas the refection of the portrait photographer himself in a subjects spectacles can just as easily ruin it.

But reflections are everywhere, quite often reflecting an almost psychedelically distorted version of our surroundings, reality seen through a glass darkly.

And where there is light, there are also shadows, and whereas we usually concentrate our attention on the light and the way it illuminates a subject, it’s the shadows.that give an object its form, that extra dimension.

But just as there are different types of light, so it is with shadows too, hard shadows, soft shadows, strong shadows etc., without shadow there is no texture.

Shadows accentuate detail, they create mood, but they can also be the subject of a photograph themselves.

And it’s an old design principle: ”If you can’t hide it – make a feature of it.”

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This is a bring a camera and shoot event, suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced photographer, in fact anyone who wishes to improve their photography skills through practice, the main emphasis is on developing creative compositional skills rather than technical expertise.

If possible please bring 2 prints of previous work to the event, so that we all have something to pass around, discuss and critique during the refreshment break.


This service is available in all branches of Rossmann and prints can easily be made there and then in approximately 5 minutes – 13cm x 18cm Premium Fotoabzüge mit weißem Rand = €0,23 per print.

A tablet or smart phone is unfortunately not a suitable alternative.


If you have problems with PayPal, or don’t have a PalPal account because you still live in the 19th century, please bring it in cash.

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Get out at U-Bahn Potsdamer Platz and meet under the clock on the square.

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